Scene 4: The Family McFly

Scene 4: The Family McFly
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Radio: ...licence, California: Bravo Tango Delta Six-Two-nine. Tow for
impoundment. Any unit, please respond...

Marty: Perfect, just perfect.

Biff: I can't believe you loaned me your car, without telling me it had a
blindspot. I could've been killed!

George: Now, now, Biff, now, I never noticed any blindspot before when I were
driving it. Hi son.

Biff: What are you blind McFly? It's there, how else do you explain that
wreck out there?

George: Now, Biff, um, can I, can I assume that your insurance is gonna pay for the

Biff: My insurance? It's your car, your insurance should pay for it. And hey, I
wanna know who's gonna pay for this? I spilled beer all over it when that car smashed into me. Who's gonna pay my cleaning bill?

George: Uhh.

Biff: And where's my reports?


George: Uh, well, I haven't finished those up yet, but you know I figured since
they weren't due til..

Biff: Hello, hello, anybody home? Think, McFly, think. I gotta have time to get 'em retyped. Do you realize
what would happen if I hand in my reports in your handwriting? I'll get fired.
You wouldn't want that to happen would you? Would you?

George: Of course not, Biff, now I wouldn't want that to happen. Now, uh, I'll
finish those reports up tonight, and I'll run em them on over first thing
tomorrow, All right?

Biff: Hey, not too early I sleep in on Saturday. Oh, McFly, your shoe's untied. Don't be so gullible, McFly. You got the place fixed up nice, McFly. I have you're car towed all the way to your house and all you've got for me is light beer.


Biff: What are you looking at, butthead? Say hi to your mom for me.

George: I know what you're gonna say, son, and you're right, you're right. But
Biff just happens to be my supervisor, and I'm afraid I'm not very good at

Marty: The car, Dad, I mean he wrecked it, he totalled it. I needed that car
tomorrow night, Dad. I mean do you have any idea how important this was, do you
have any clue?

George: I know, and all I could say is I'm sorry.


George: Believe me, Marty, you're better off not having to worry about all the aggravation and headaches of playing at that dance.

Dave: He's absolutely right, Marty, the last thing you need is headaches.

Lorraine: Kids, we're gonna have to eat this cake by ourselves, your Uncle Joey didn't make parole again.


Lorraine: I think it would be nice, if you all dropped him a line.

Marty: Uncle Jailbird Joey?

Dave: He's your brother, Mom.

Linda: Yeah, I think it's a major embarrassment having an uncle in prison.

Lorraine: We all make mistakes in life, children.

Dave: God-Damnit, I'm late!

Lorraine: David, watch your mouth! You come here and kiss your mother before you go, come here.

Dave: Come on, Mom. Make it fast, I'll miss my bus. Hey see you later, Pop. Whooo! Time to change that oil.


Linda: Hey Marty, I'm not your answering service, but while you were outside
pouting over the car, Jennifer Parker called you twice.

Lorraine: I don't like her, Marty. Any girl who calls a boy is just asking for

Linda: Oh Mom, there's nothing wrong with calling a boy.

Lorraine: I think it's terrible, girls chasing boys. When I was your age I never
chased a boy, or called a boy, or...sat in a parked car with a boy.

Linda: Then how am I supposed to ever meet anybody?

Lorraine: Well it will just happen, like the way I met your father.

Linda: That was so stupid, Grandpa hit him with the car.

Lorraine: It was meant to be. Anyway, if Grandpa hadn't hit him, then none of
you would have been born.

Linda: Yeah well, I still don't understand what Dad was doing in the middle of
the street.

Lorraine: What was it, George? Bird watching?


George: [Startled] What Lorraine?! What?

Lorraine: Anyway, your Grandpa hit him with the car and brought him into the house.
He seemed so helpless, like a little lost puppy, my heart just went out for him.

Linda: Yeah Mom, we know, you've told us this story a million times. You felt
sorry for him so you decided to go with him to The Fish Under The Sea Dance.

Lorraine: No no, it was The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. Our first date, ot was
the night of that terrible thunderstorm, remember George?

Lorraine: Your father kissed me for the very first time on that dance floor. It
was then I realised I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.


The time of Marty's clock is 12:28, Marty seems to always wake up at a time with :28 at the end. The song playing on his radio is Time Bomb Town by Lindsey Buckingham

Marty: Hello??

Doc: Marty, you didn't fall a sleep did you?

Marty: Uh Doc? Uh no, don't be silly.

Doc: Listen, this is very important, I forgot my video camera, could you stop by my place and pick it up on your way to the mall?

Marty: Um, yeah, I'm on my way.



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