Scene 8: Dad the Dork

Scene 8: Dad the Dork
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When Biff's gang confronts George, it seems that George and Biff throughout thier lives have nothing else to talk other than George getting Biff's work done. Biff said that in 1985 he sleeps in Saturday, yet in 1955 he sleeps in Sunday, Biff likes to sleep in on any of the weekend days.

Biff: Hey McFly! What do you think you're doing?

Marty: Biff?

Biff: What do you think you're doing? Hey I'm talking to you, McFly, you Irish bug.

George: Oh hey, Biff, hey, guys, how are you doing?

Biff: Hey, you got my homework finished, McFly?

George: Uh...well, actually, I figured since it wasn't due till Monday.

Biff: Hello, hello, anybody home? Think, McFly, think. I gotta have time to recopy it. Do you realize what would happen if I hand in my homework in your handwriting? I'd get kicked out of school. You wouldn't want that to happen would you...would you?

George: Now, of course not, Biff, I wouldn't want that to happen.

Biff: No, Well what are you looking at butthead?

Skinhead: Hey Biff, get a load of this guy's life preserver, dork thinks he's gonna drown.


Biff: How about my homework, McFly?

George: Uh, well, Biff, I'll finish that on up tonight and I'll bring it
over first thing tomorrow morning.

Biff: Hey not too early I sleep in Sundays. Oh! McFly, your shoe's untied. Don't be so gullible, McFly. I don't wanna see you in here again.

George: Yeah, All right, bye-bye.


George: What?

Marty: You're George McFly!

George: Yeah, who are you?

Goldie: Say, why do you let those boys push you around like that?

George: Well, they're bigger than me.

Goldie: Stand tall boy! Have some respect for yourself. Don't you know that if
you let people walk all over you now, they'll be walking all over you for the
rest of your life? Listen to me, do you think I'm gonna spend the rest of my
life in this slop house?

Lou: Watch it, Goldie.

Goldie: No sir, I'm gonna make something out of myself, I'm going to night
school and one day I'm gonna be somebody.

Marty: That's right, he's gonna be mayor.

Goldie: Yeah I'm.....mayor. Now that's a good idea. I could run for mayor.

Lou: A colored mayor, that'll be the day.

Goldie: You wait and see, Mr Caruthers, I will be mayor and I'll be the most
powerful man in Hill Valley, and I'm gonna clean up this town.

Lou: Good, you could start by sweeping the floor.


Goldie: Mayor Goldie Wilson, I like the sound of that.

Marty: Shit. Hey Dad! George! Hey, you on the bike!



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