Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes
Back to the Future
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Scene 1: Main Titles
Scene 2: Late For School
Scene 3: The Slacker
Scene 4: The Family McFly
Scene 5: A Time Machine?
Scene 6: Escape to the Past
Scene 7: 1955
Scene 8: Dad the Dork
Scene 9: Calvin & Lorraine
Scene 10: Future Boy & Doc
Scene 11: Marty's Problem
Scene 12: The Matchmaker
Scene 13: Skateboard Hero
Scene 14: The Big Date
Scene 15: The Real George
Scene 16: Johnny B. Goode
Scene 17: Back to the Future
Scene 18: Doc's Decision
Scene 19: Future Shock
Scene 20: Roads? (Credits)




Marty: Dad, did it ever occur to you to say no? I mean just one say no.

George: Look son, I know it;'s hard for you to understand but the fact is I'm just, I'm just not a fighter.

Marty: Try it once, okay for me, just say no, N-O no.

Neighbour: Hey McFly, my kid here is selling Peanut Brittle for her team, it's $5 a box, I put you down
for a case, okay?

George: Um, Okay.

Neighbour: Great, it's out in the car I'll go get it, see honey I told you we'd only have to go to one house.



Marty: It's just me.

This scene can be found on the outtakes of the Back to the Future DVD, it shows Marty leaving to meet Doc at the Mall, in which he leaves out the window.



Marty: This has gotta be a dream. Excuse me, pardon me, could you pinch me?

Woman: I beg your pardon.

Marty: Yeah, pinch me, pinch me.

Woman: Shame on you.

Marty: Yeah, that'll do. This is definately not a dream...Thanks.



Doctor: After facing the tension of doing three lung operations in a row, I like to relax by lighting up A Sir Randolph. I know it's fine tobacco taste will soothe my nerves, and improve my circulation. Ahh, now that's the taste that relaxes. Sir Randolph.



Marty: Doc? Do you have a 75-Ohm matching transformer?

Doc: What!?

Marty: Not invented Yet.

Doc: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. So these are all my personal belongings, huh?

Marty: Yeah.

Doc: What's this thing?

Marty: It's a hair dryer.

Doc: A hair dryer? Don't they have towels in the future? And look at these underpants, they're all made of cotton, I thought for sure we'd all be wearing disposable paper garments by 1985. What-What's this? Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, suddenly the future's looking a whole lot better.

Marty: Alright Doc, okay, it's ready, come here.



Marty: Whoa! They eally cleaned this place up, it looks brand new.

Doc: Now according to my theory, you interfered with your parent's first meeting, if they don't meet, they won't fall in love, they won't get married, and they won't have kids. That's why your older brother is disappearing from that photograph, your sister will follow and unless you reapir the damage you'll be next.

Marty: This sounds pretty heavy.

Doc: Weight has nothing to do with it.

Marty: Hey Doc! Doc, there she is, right there second row.

Doc: Oh yeah, I see the resemblence.

Marty: Holy Shit, she's cheating.

Doc: Well?

Marty: Shes, she's my mom.

Lorraine: I got an F anyway.

Doc: Which one's your pop?

Marty: That's him.



I have no idea whether or not this was supposed to be in the film. It was available on the Production Archives on the DVD, it shows Marty and Strickland face to face just as they were in 1985.



George: Who are you?

Marty: My name is Darth Vader, I am an Extra-Terrestrial from the Planet Vulcan.

George: Mom! Dad!

Marty: Silence! My heat ray will vaporize you if you do not obey me.

George: Okay, Okay! I surrender.

Marty: You, George McFly have created a rift in the space-time continuum.

George: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean it.

Marty: Sorry doesn't cut it George. The supreme Klingon hereby commands you to take the female unit known as Baines, Lorraine to the place called Hill Valley High School, exactly 3 earth cycles from now. That's this Saturday night George.

George: You mean, you want me to take Lorraine to the dance?

Marty: Affirmative.

George: I-I don't know If I can do that. Okay, Okay, Alright, I'll do it, I'll take Lorraine to the Dance.
Just please...

Marty: Now close your eyes and see me no more.

George: Oh-Kay, affirmative.

Doc: How'd it go.

Marty: Great, that chloroform really put him out, hope I didn't over do it.

George: Marty! Marty, Marty.

Marty: George buddy, you weren't at school today, what have you been doin all day?

George: I overslept.



Marty: You know, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Alright, tell you what George, gimme a shot right here, gimme your best shot.

George: No, I'm not going to hit you in the stomach.

Marty: Come on George, come on right here, come on.

George: There! That was good, She'll believe that I know she will, I'm positive...

Marty: Tell you what George.



Officer: Evening Doctor Brown, what's with the wire?

Doc: Oh, just a little weather experiment.

Officer: Whatcha got under here?

Doc: No-No don't touch that, some new specialized weather sensing equipment.

Officer: You got a permit for that?

Doc: 'Course I do. Just a second, see if I can find it here. Ah-ha.

Officer: You aren't going to set anything on fire this time are ya Doc?

Doc: Nah. Hey Kid, you better pick up your mom and get goin.

Marty: Yeah right.

Doc: You look a little pale, are you okay?

Marty: Yeah, I don't know Doc, I mean it's just this whole thing with my mother.

Doc: What-What-What? What-What?

Marty: I just don't know if I can go through with it, hitting on her.

Doc: Nobody said anything about hitting her, you're just going to take a few liberties with her.

Marty: See that's what I mean, I can't belive I'm actually going to feel up my own mother. You know this is the kind of thing that could screw me up permanently, what if I go back to the future and I end up bein..Gay?

Doc: Why shouldn't you be happy?

Marty: I gotta go pick up my mother. Listen, if things don't work out at the dance tonight and my parents don't get back together, when do you think I'll start to fade out?



George: Operator! Operator! Can you give me the time? Listen, I gotta get out, listen, this isn't funny, guys Listen!! Mr. Strickland, those no good guys they just locked me in.

Strickland: You see? You see what happens to slackers, McFly?

George: Yes, Yes, Mr. Strickland? Mr. Strickland, you gotta let me outta here.


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