Scene 16: Johnny B. Goode

Scene 16: Johnny B. Goode
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The singing of Johnny B. Goode in this scene was performed by Mark Campbell, although Marty McFly is credited. Michael J. Fox also learned to play the song not for note, and lip sync the song word for word, so the song would include perfect timing.

Marty: We're down in Louisiana, down in New Orleans, Way back up in the woods among the evergreens, There stood an log cabin made of earth and wood, Where lived a country boy named'a Johnny B Goode, he never ever learned to read or write so well,He could play a guitar just like he's ringin a bell. Go, go, Go Johnny go, go, go Johnny go, go go go, go Johnny go, go, Go Johnny go, go, go, Johnny B Goode.

Boy: Hey George, heard you laid out Biff, nice going!

Girl: George, you ever think of running for class president?


Chuck Berry originally recorded "Johnny B. Goode" in 1958.

Marvin: Chuck, Chuck, its' Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry! You know that new sound you're looking for? Well, listen to this!


Marty: I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.


Marty: Lorraine!

Lorraine: Marty, that was very interesting music.

Marty: Uh, yeah.

Lorraine: I hope you don't mind but George asked if he could take me home.

Marty: Great! Good, good, Lorraine. I had a feeling about you two.

Lorraine: I have a feeling too.

Marty: Listen, I gotta go but I wanted to tell you that it's been..educational.

Lorraine: Marty, will we ever see you again?

Marty: I guarantee it.

George: Well, Marty, I want to thank you for all your good advice, I'll never forget it.

Marty: Right, George. Well, good luck you guys.


Marty: Oh, one other thing, if you guys ever have kids and one of them when he's eight years old, accidentally sets fire to the living room rug, go easy on him.

George: OK.

Lorraine: Marty, such a nice name.



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